Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Upcoming Extended Break - ORDER NOW

If you are thinking about placing a Jackaroos order, please place it as soon as possible. Life is about to get a little...maybe a lot...crazy for us.

Jackaroos headquarters will be MOVING from Orlando to New Orleans in the next few weeks (August/September), so I won't be able to take any new custom orders during that time.

Then, I am due with BABY #2 in November, so I will need time to set up our new home before the baby arrives. I think my break will have to extend through my maternity leave.

I am still taking orders for the next few weeks, but once I go on break, I may not be open again for custom orders on my website until the end of the year. I'll update here and on my facebook page whenever I have a deadline for orders before my extended break. It'll probably be around AUGUST 1st.

I am also considering setting up an etsy shop that can remain open with some of my premade items during my break from custom orders, so I'll keep you posted on that.

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